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Oh yeah ! Love to have one of these sexy looking cigarette holders ;)

I got something else you can put in there its not as bad for your health and comes with its own 2 nuts and if you hold it just right it will shoot a nice warm cum in you or on you which ever you would like. I got fire cock, he has a fire breath and do spit fire to burn your cigar and pussy, so your pussy will gonna suck and swallow a lot of fire hot cock, after that your pussy got out a smoke! ;) Reminds me of a show I once saw in Bangkok. Beautifully trimmed pussy you have though but keep in mind smoking is bad for your health. Oh my god. I want to spray my cum all over your gorgeous pussy. Holy fuck that is one fine looking pussy and body is outstanding. Mmmmmmm love smoking fetish, would love to see you posing sexy with a cigarette.