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Hi sexy ,i like natural urs are gorgeous! I would like to see them in person. Im across the river from u.😘😜😋

Can't believe your age, your body looks as good as my wife's did at 22. And, I love your breasts just the way they are. Why mess with perfection? Gorgeous tits. Nothing beats natural. More sensitve when played with. Girl id just live to play with you before i cum iver them tits xxxx. Wow so sexy! Those are plenty big, I prefer small natural boobies. Oh , and have a fetish for upturned nipples like yours! Sweet! Personally, I think yours are just perfect! Not overly large, not fake. Would love to hold them, even if just for a little while. Its the energy behind them that makes you like'm big or small , so hot seeing a woman that knows how to luv herself & show it.