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Fairly sure I have never wanted to be a bench.Until now.Just way beyond a hot thought~!

Good God you and my woman can work out together easily. She likes fit women herself too. Some women are afraid to work out because they don't want they think they're going to get all buff and ugly but I don't think so able to lift groceries into her vehicle and go out and build a house with her hands total turn-on you are drop-dead yummy gorgeous don't ever let anybody ever tell you any different but you probably already know that. And your would have to stop lifting because once I lock my mouth on to your hot pussy and clit I dont think you will be able to concentrate on the weights! Hehehe You have a beautiful body! Mmmm love that position, do you think she would mind if I licked her pussy as she worked out. She is very sexy and such a beauty. I'm thinking we could strap you to that machine bondage style, and you just sit there and look pretty ;) Is it bad to want to see you benching me over that beautiful body. I'm in Ohio. I'd love to join.