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Jeeze! Where is the back of the queue, Timbuktoo?

Ok, so I am not the biggest guy in the dick department, but I can tell you my tongue is working hard and can make up for any other issues. So where should I start? Tits, pussy, ass? And I have a fetish for big and hard nipples, so you know I'm a gonna pleasure them, probably first! Mr. M. Do "U" like STRIPES or CHECKERED PATERN? Ether way U want it, "I" want 2 VOLUNTEER! ;}~X NEED PAINT4 MY COCK! I'd volunteer my white cock any time. Hell, I'll even paint it black if you want me to. I'm here to represent the black cock that you so badly desire, and deserve. This is such an amazing photo. A lady with an amazing HOT body xx.