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God I want to have my naked chest against yours. Feeling your nipples sliding over my chest.

I love those big nipples on your little tits. I'd like to kiss, suck and nibble on them .When they're long and hard I'll roll and pinch them between my fingers.Then I'll gently tug on them with my teeth. I just love those nipples! OMG I wish I could suck, lick, lick, tease and taste them until they were rock hard and glistening wetly.Stunning! That's how a perfect sexy woman looks to me. Slim, small tiny tits and long black curly hair. Can't believe your age, you look so much younger. Well since I have a near terminal nipple fetish, you made my day by exposing you sexy little hard brown nipples, and they look delicious, I wish I can lick and suck on your hard nipples, while I'm rubbing my aching hard cock against your clit.